Thursday, June 21, 2012

a post! just for you!

Well- we all know I'm a terrible blogger :-) I typically go a couple months between postings even when I'm not busy. I have been SO is busy, house is busy, training my sister's new dog for her is busy, oh...being pregnant is busy...just SO BUSY!

Things have been going well on the baby boy front. I still pretty much loathe the physical process of being pregnant and I'm super self concious all the time so there are no bump pictures. My husband is amazing though and makes me feel better about life in general. The nursery is coming along- we're doing a travel theme and if I ever get around to finishing my craft projects I'll post some pictures of that.  The baby shower is Sunday...I'm nervous. I hate being the center of attention!!! I didn't even want to dance the first dance at my own wedding!

We need to start the childcare search but I'm such a procrastinator with it...I mean, I wont have to go back to work til November. It seems like I'll have more time to search. Maybe in July....that's enough time right?
It's pretty boring around here other than the ridiculous busy-ness all the time. Watching two dogs wrestle and hump non stop has kind of consumed my life.  The top picture is what it looks like for about 15 minutes a day...the bottom picture is the rest of the time. My dog's the one on the left and my sister's is the one on the right with the heterochromia. 

I will try to think of a more entertaining post for next time :-)