Thursday, November 24, 2011


My poor husband has had a horrible ridiculously awful cold/flu like thing all week with super high fevers. I'm thankful that I've been able to take care of him and give him some comfort while he's been so miserable. Growing up with his dad he seems to have missed that 'woman's touch' that most moms provide when you're sick. He can't remember anyone putting a cool wash cloth on his forehead during a fever, or rubbing his back to help him fall asleep...I'm thankful that I can be that person in his life now and I'm thankful that he appears to be on the mend FINALLY.  PHEW! It's hard work taking care of an invalid! LOL!

Now...crossing my fingers that I don't get it too.

Because of his germs we're missing his family's Thanksgiving party today and tomorrow but on Saturday I'm hosting my family and my Canadian friend* and my sister's boyfriend ** for dinner and the football game.

What football game? THE game. The Ohio State v. *ichigan game!!!  It's not going to be pretty, but it's still THE rivalry game and I love football as a whole.  Speaking of football....(this is a disjointed post, sorry, deal with it)... It saddens me that so many awful things have happened this year in sports.  There's no one to blame really and then at the same time, everyone is to blame.  Have you ever been to a big football game whether it's high school or college and looked around at the crowd and thought to yourself "wow.. for those kids on the field...this has to be like magic." I mean, for one night, for one afternoon, whole cities turn out to watch them play a game. To cheer for them, to cry for them.  I can't imagine being on the field and looking up and realizing that.  Put yourself in the Shoe...109,000 people all cheering for a bunch of 20 year olds.  It makes me sad that for some of those kids that feeling of awe is not enough.  Of course, the fans and the media make it not enough. We're the ones that elevate the players and coaches to god like status and expect them to be 'normal' and 'humble' and not to take free stuff when they can get it.  We expect coaches to be infallible and to always know right from wrong and more importantly to be able to know what the PUBLIC will think is right and what the PUBLIC will think is wrong because that's the court they'll ultimately be tried in.  I wont even get into the Penn State scandal, but it's the same thing with Paterno.   There's no margin for error because the media will crucify you no matter what you do because you are the Face.  I am increasingly glad that I chose not to use my journalism degree.

I digress.

Thanksgiving dinner-- we're having beef tenderloin filet steaks, a creamed corn bacon thing, lima beans, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake with caramel frosting and gingerbread.  If things turn out lovely I'll share the recipes that I used.

I hope you all have wonderful thanksgiving holidays wherever you may be.

* My Canadian friend, I met her at the barn when we both moved our horses to Columbus around the same time. She's my riding buddy and has turned into a really great friend.  I'm very thankful to get to know her :-)
** This is the first real holiday that the sister's boyfriend has attended. He's also coming to Christmas!!! I like this 'adult relationship' that she's in.  It's a little more than just the 'college relationship.'  I'm proud of her for how she's grown up and learned what's important to her and what she wants in a partner. The kid's got good values and I like that :-)

Monday, November 21, 2011

words to live by

Are you on I recently joined the bandwagon.

After a really horribly terribly awful no good very bad day I logged onto pinterest to browse some mindless do it yourself crafts (homemade snow globes anyone?) It was like God was speaking to me from pinterest..

" Don't try to win over the are not the jerk whisperer."

It's SO TRUE! I am NOT the jerk whisperer. I cannot magically make everyone not be an ass hat! Why do I let their ass hattery suck me down into that sneaky spiral of self loathing and depression?

I may have to buy this poster now...not sure it's work appropriate though.  :-)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photo Card

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Birthday To You...

Today is my husband's 31st birthday!  I've written posts about how awesome he is on my other blog that I have disbanded and I don't want to write something redundant so instead I'll write about...well...just his birthday.

My husband is a man of fairly simple tastes. He doesn't really like to get dressed up and go out to fancy dinners that we can sometimes afford.  He is a stay at home and watch a movie, grill out or go to a long time favorite place kinda guy.  We both had to work yesterday but thanks to a fairly awesome boss on my end and his flexible schedule we were able to leave work at 4:00 and got home early so that we could drive down to southeast Ohio and go to the Athens High School Football State Play Off game.   Bret started loosely following Athens HS when we lived down there when I worked for OU.  They were not ever that great but they were fun to watch since their stadium is in the heart of the hills and any footballl is better than no football at all.   Last year their field was decimated by a tornado.   That's a whole other story in it's own right but suffice it to say that they rose up and had a perfect season this year. This is the ONLY time in Athens history that a team has gone 10-0.  So they made it to the play offs and Bret wanted to watch the game for his birthday. We drove down and went to Dairy Queen for dinner-- usually he wants to go to Rax (does anyone remember Uncle Alligator?) but that would have taken too long so we just stopped for ice cream and then went to the game. I am the kiss of death for H.S. football. If I root for a team, they will without fail , lose.  Athens was not strong enough to beat my curse. We had fun though and came home to go to bed and sleep in this morning.

After sleeping in, we went to the gym and then to brunch at the Olde Village Diner.  Cute. Delicous. Cheap.  Then it was home to watch the Ohio State game which was sloppy and messy but a win and then out to the yard to winterize the plants and prepare for the end of fall.  Intermixed throughout all of this was me trying to cook a turkey breast. Not the kind that is just a slab of meat that you would bake or no...the actual bone in half of a Thanksgiving Turkey kind of turkey breast. While some of you may be old hands at this endeavor. It was a first for me but I wanted to do it for Bret since his favorite meal is really Thanksgiving Dinner and when we eat Thanksgiving with my family we never actually have the traditional meal.  6 hours later (cookbooks lie....325 will NOT be high enough to cook your turkey at a rate of 25 minutes per pound) dinner was FINALLY complete.  I think he's pretty happy and full... we had turkey, mashed potatos and stovetop with gravy and then I found these awesome boxed cupcakes called FundaMiddles. YUM is all I can say.  Buy them. Now.  Now we're collapsed on the couch watching football.  All in all not too different than our normal weekend...but with just a little birthday flair thrown in.

I have heard through the blog-vine that a successful blogger is supposed to be more entertaining than just recounting their day to day existence so I'll throw this little nugget in here...

I love being a wife. I love to demonstrate my feelings about this by doing things for my husband that make him happy.  I like to be with him. It's not hard. It's pretty easy given that we share similar interests and hobbies...but beyond that... I strongly feel that it is not too much effort on my part to go out of my way to make sure that he can see that I care. 

What? Okay.. so, my husband, though he's a stick and can eat a whole pizza in one sitting and still lose weight, loves food. He's kind of a picky eater...but what he loves, he loves alot. So one of the ways that I try really hard to make sure he knows how much I care is to make his lunches for the week. Every Saturday or Sunday depending on how much time we have, I pack all of his lunches for the week. I used to just buy some lunch meat and make him some sandwiches with it...but then he was getting burnt out on the sliced turkey and I read an article about nitrates and got grossed out by the fact that he's eaten the same lunch with all that sodium and preservative for ohhh 5 years. *shudder* our children are going to have 3 eyes. 

So one day, I decided to roast him some chicken breasts and make sliced chicken breast sandwiches. It didn't take as long as I thought it would. The house smelled amazing. We had leftovers for the week for dinner and he came home and gave me a huge hug about how awesome his lunch was. Well. I am a sucker for external I did it again. Same result. Since then, I've made roast pork in the crockpot, beef, more chicken... it honestly takes me the same amount of time as it did to make the lunch meat sandwiches but now we also have leftovers for at least one night of the week for dinner.  It just takes a little more planning.  Some of the girls I know at work just kind of rolled their eyes at me like I was trying to be Martha Stewart or something...but I'm not. I don't think I can explain how easy it is and how absolutely 100% rewarding it is to know that while he is definitely enjoying his lunches, he also gets that exta warmth of knowing that I put in just a smidge more effort just for him because I'm his wife and I care.   I think that when he was growing up he was largely independent...his dad's great but he raised Bret and his sister on his own for the most part and I think that there has always been a little of 'the woman's touch' that Bret was missing from his life.  His stepmom filled in some...but she had her own daughters too. I like to let Bret know that...sometimes... my job as his wife is just to take care of him. I don't think it's unreasonable and I don't feel like I'm relinquishing my 'successful independent woman' card by doing that.  

Did I mention that he does the laundry every week for me? :-) Cooking is the least I can do...