Thursday, November 24, 2011


My poor husband has had a horrible ridiculously awful cold/flu like thing all week with super high fevers. I'm thankful that I've been able to take care of him and give him some comfort while he's been so miserable. Growing up with his dad he seems to have missed that 'woman's touch' that most moms provide when you're sick. He can't remember anyone putting a cool wash cloth on his forehead during a fever, or rubbing his back to help him fall asleep...I'm thankful that I can be that person in his life now and I'm thankful that he appears to be on the mend FINALLY.  PHEW! It's hard work taking care of an invalid! LOL!

Now...crossing my fingers that I don't get it too.

Because of his germs we're missing his family's Thanksgiving party today and tomorrow but on Saturday I'm hosting my family and my Canadian friend* and my sister's boyfriend ** for dinner and the football game.

What football game? THE game. The Ohio State v. *ichigan game!!!  It's not going to be pretty, but it's still THE rivalry game and I love football as a whole.  Speaking of football....(this is a disjointed post, sorry, deal with it)... It saddens me that so many awful things have happened this year in sports.  There's no one to blame really and then at the same time, everyone is to blame.  Have you ever been to a big football game whether it's high school or college and looked around at the crowd and thought to yourself "wow.. for those kids on the field...this has to be like magic." I mean, for one night, for one afternoon, whole cities turn out to watch them play a game. To cheer for them, to cry for them.  I can't imagine being on the field and looking up and realizing that.  Put yourself in the Shoe...109,000 people all cheering for a bunch of 20 year olds.  It makes me sad that for some of those kids that feeling of awe is not enough.  Of course, the fans and the media make it not enough. We're the ones that elevate the players and coaches to god like status and expect them to be 'normal' and 'humble' and not to take free stuff when they can get it.  We expect coaches to be infallible and to always know right from wrong and more importantly to be able to know what the PUBLIC will think is right and what the PUBLIC will think is wrong because that's the court they'll ultimately be tried in.  I wont even get into the Penn State scandal, but it's the same thing with Paterno.   There's no margin for error because the media will crucify you no matter what you do because you are the Face.  I am increasingly glad that I chose not to use my journalism degree.

I digress.

Thanksgiving dinner-- we're having beef tenderloin filet steaks, a creamed corn bacon thing, lima beans, mashed potatoes, chocolate cake with caramel frosting and gingerbread.  If things turn out lovely I'll share the recipes that I used.

I hope you all have wonderful thanksgiving holidays wherever you may be.

* My Canadian friend, I met her at the barn when we both moved our horses to Columbus around the same time. She's my riding buddy and has turned into a really great friend.  I'm very thankful to get to know her :-)
** This is the first real holiday that the sister's boyfriend has attended. He's also coming to Christmas!!! I like this 'adult relationship' that she's in.  It's a little more than just the 'college relationship.'  I'm proud of her for how she's grown up and learned what's important to her and what she wants in a partner. The kid's got good values and I like that :-)


Donn24g said...

Thank you for your comment on my post this week, that was the best comment ever. In fact, it made my whole week. And i feel the same way about you, my friend:)

I hope your thanksgiving turned out wonderfully. I cant wait to read about it soon!

carrielt said...

Sickness is not fun! Espeically a sick hubby. Mine turns into a 3 year old who wants held and patted and sigh......

As for the sports thing. It truly makes me sick. It's no longer for the love of the game. This NBA lockout angered me so much. I refuse to watch NBA games just because of how much these people are paid.

My Senior year of hs my basketball team won a huge tourney in my home town. The place was full to the rafter and then some. When the clock read 00:00 the house went completely crazy! When our names were announced and a gold metal placed around our necks the place would get so loud! I still get chills thinking about how amazing that was. Those fans knew how hard my team and I worked and they showed us with support. Now that is "for love of the game."